My friend, who remains in Kyiv, Ukraine wrote an article in response to an interview with Sankei Shimbun.

My friend, who remains in Kyiv, Ukraine
Hitoshi Nakamura wrote an article in response to an interview with Sankei Shimbun.

I'm really worried. .. ..
Mr. Nakamura, I pray for your safety. .. ..

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Ukraine continues to resist Russia, which continues to invade by attacking and suppressing nuclear power plants in operation.

A Japanese man who lives without evacuating from the attacked capital Kyiv told the Sankei Shimbun that he wanted to be with his friend who lived for 20 years. He is appealing for the support of the international community, including Japan, to his "second home", which is trying hard to protect his country. (Yukimi Tanaka)

"There are places where you can hear the roar and be destroyed, but the discipline of the city and the citizens is not disturbed. His home has the infrastructure." On the 4th, Hitoshi Nakamura (54), who lives in Kyiv, explained the current situation by voice call on the membership exchange site (SNS).

His home is not an area with military facilities, but an apartment house in the suburbs. But from a few days ago, the explosion sounds were closer and more frequent. When the alarm sounds, evacuate to the shelter in the basement and turn off the lights at night. The curfew is still ongoing, and if you accidentally go out only once, you will be questioned by armed soldiers.
Barricades are set up on the road and the atmosphere is gloomy, but there is a shopping mall in the neighborhood, and although the number of items is small, vegetables and meat are also available. A few days ago, there was a long line of people seeking freshly baked bread, saying, "I will never forget to smile even in a tense situation, probably because of the easy-going national character."

It has been 20 years since I started living in Ukraine. When he was in college, he learned about Ukraine when he won a prize at a world championship under the age of 23 as a powerlifting player. Fascinated by the mild and friendly people and the beautiful nature, study abroad. Currently working as a staff member of the Center for Communicating Japanese Language and Culture.

At the beginning of the Russian invasion, the Ukrainians around them said that "unbelievable things happened", but the Ukrainian government's willingness to "do not give in to Russia" is uniting the people. I feel it.

"I am prepared to fight thoroughly in the event of an emergency." Some Ukrainian friends who stay in Kyiv say this determination. As women, children and the elderly evacuate abroad, not only the general public who stays in the country but also Ukrainians who have returned from abroad are using their weapons to show their readiness to defend their homeland.

Once a part of the former Soviet Union, it was placed between Russia and Western countries after independence in 1991, and has developed the country while causing casualties in the 2004 Orange Revolution and the 2014 Crimean Crisis. Ukraine. Geographically and historically, it has a close relationship with Russia, saying, "Ukrainians also think that the Russian government and the Russian people who continue to attack military are different, and have no maliciousness or hatred for Russians." It's an impression.

The arterial road is still heavily congested by the cars of people trying to escape Kyiv, and the Embassy of Japan in Ukraine frequently contacts us to urge them to evacuate. However, he believes that "patient Ukrainians will surely be able to overcome this difficulty," and has decided to stay in Kyiv himself.

"Many people, including those who remain in Kyiv, are waiting for the end of this war." I am convinced that the support from the world to Ukraine and the expression of solidarity have reached the local area and have been a great support, and I hope for further support.


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「友とともに…」キエフの残留邦人、国際支援訴え - 産経ニュース



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「友とともに…」キエフの残留邦人、国際支援訴え - 産経ニュース



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